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Excision to Viable Tissue
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Excision of devitalized tissue

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This video demonstrates the process of the excision of affected tissue.

Adequate vascular supply

  • Adequate vascular supply is required prior to INTEGRA Template application
  • Punctate, uniform capillary bleeding indicates adequate excision of non-viable tissue
  • In certain situations, (e.g., obese patients), excising to viable fat may not provide an adequate
    blood supply

Maintaining Meticulous Hemostasis

Dry with no signs of bleeding

  • Meticulous hemostasis needs to be achieved to prevent hematomas or excessive fluid accumulation
  • Epinephrine, pinpoint electrocautery, thrombin spray, thrombin-soaked gauze or other topical hemostats can be used. Avoid broad area cauterization which can lead to affected tissue.

Uniform and Flat Bed

The wound bed must be uniform and flat to ensure intimate contact with INTEGRA Template

  • Achieve level tissue planes
  • When necessary, marsupialize edges to avoid large step-offs between the wound bed and
    normal skin
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