Wound Bed Preparation
  Infusion of INTEGRA™ Flowable Wound Matrix

INTEGRA™ Flowable Wound Matrix
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Preparation of INTEGRA™ Flowable Wound Matrix

Peel open all three pouches (dry granulated collagen syringe pouch, empty sterile syringe pouch and the luer lock connector accessory pouch).



  • Pour saline into sterile container and draw 3.0ml of saline into the empty syringe
  • Remove tip cap from the 6ml dry collagen syringe and attach luer lock connector to the collagen syringe (figure 2a)




  • Attach the syringe containing saline to
    the other end of the luer lock connector
    (figure 2b)



  • Hold both syringes in your hands securely
  • Dispense all saline fluid into the dry collagen syringe (figure 2c)



  • Depress plungers back and forth at least 15 times to prepare the flowable wound matrix (figure 2d)
  • Consider the flowable wound matrix mixed when product appearance is consistent and homogeneous and all the product can be moved from one syringe to the other



  • Ensure all the mixed material is moved into the 6ml collagen syringe (white plunger)
  • Remove the luer lock connector and
    the empty syringe while holding the
    6ml syringe
  • Attach flexible injector tip securely to
    the 6ml syringe (figure 2e)
  • Slowly depress plunger to 3ml to remove air pockets


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