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Silicone Removal
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Planning removal of silicone from INTEGRA™ Meshed Bilayer Wound Matrix

1. Estimate the size of the epidermal graft

2. Determine if the expanded graft will cover the INTEGRA™ Meshed Bilayer Wound Matrix. If not, then
staged or delayed epidermal grafting is necessary


  • Do not remove silicone and expose more tissue than expanded epidermal graft will cover
  • If staged grafting is necessary, the silicone layer may be left in place for extended periods
    or until donor sites are ready for re-harvesting

Silicone Removal

  • If edges of INTEGRA™ Meshed Bilayer Wound Matrix are loose before full healing has occurred, the silicone can be trimmed away from the loose areas until the entire wound has healed
  • Remove the silicone layer of the INTEGRA™ Meshed Bilayer Wound Matrix when the tissue underneath is healed, typically 14 to 28 days. The Matrix may be loose in spots.
  • With forceps peel back the silicone carefully from the edges. Separate with spatula or blunt instrument if necessary. The silicone layer will peel off healed tissue relatively easily.
  • Difficult removal may indicate the tissue is not completely developed

Caution: If bleeding occurs, or if patient complains of excessive pain, stop and wait 1 to 2 additional days. Forced removal may result in wound re-injury.

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