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Integra LifeSciences Holdings Corporation is a diversified medical technology company that develops, manufactures, and markets medical devices for use in a variety of applications. The primary applications for our products are neuro-trauma and neurosurgery, plastic and reconstructive surgery and general surgery. However, our surgical instrument product lines are used in virtually all surgical disciplines, including general, plastic and reconstructive, neuro, ear, nose and throat, cardiovascular, ob-gyn, and ophthalmic surgical procedures.

The Company’s product lines include traditional medical devices, such as monitoring and drainage systems, surgical instruments and fixation systems, as well as innovative tissue repair products, such as the DuraGen® Dural Graft Matrix, the DuraGen Plus® Dural Graft Matrix, the NeuraGen® Nerve Guide, the INTEGRA Template, and the INTEGRA™ Bilayer Matrix Wound Dressing, which incorporate the Company’s proprietary absorbable implant technology.

Our corporate headquarters are in Plainsboro, New Jersey, and we have manufacturing and research facilities located throughout the world. We have approximately 2,800 employees.

Mission Statement

Integra seeks to provide customers with clinically relevant, innovative and cost-effective products that improve the quality of life.

Integra LifeSciences
311 Enterprise Drive
Plainsboro, NJ 08536
Phone : 609 275 0500
Fax : 609 275 3684

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