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    Adequate Vascular Supply
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Complete Removal of Non-Viable Tissue
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Complete Excision of Non-Viable Tissue

A 55-year old female with diabetes and end stage renal disease presented with infection under the first metatarsal head. Patient had a typical diabetic neuropathic ulceration spreading down the arch. Initial wide debridement was performed 6 weeks prior to the image above, which shows formed granulation tissue being excised with electrocautery.

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This video demonstrates the processing of excising affected tissue

  • Assess the depth of the wound
  • Prepare wound bed using standard methods to ensure wound is free of debris and necrotic tissue. Regardless of how well the wound has been prepared and how healthy it looks, INTEGRA™ Bilayer Matrix Wound Dressing must not be placed on an existing wound surface. The entire existing wound must be completely excised or surgically debrided to ensure the wound bed and edges contain viable tissue.
  • INTEGRA™ Bilayer Matrix Wound Dressing will not "take" to non-viable tissue



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