Silicone Removal
  Harvesting the Thin Epidermal Graft
  Attaching the Thin Graft
  Epidermal Graft Post-Op Care

Inspect and Prepare Neodermis
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This video shows the process of inspecting and preparing the Neodermis
for epidermal grafting.


  • Prepare a flat, clean surface. Use scalpel, scissors or curettes
  • Remove excess granulation tissue at seams of INTEGRA Template at edges; and/or areas of incomplete take
  • Debride surface of neodermis by lightly rubbing with a gauze pad if necessary
  • Control any bleeding. Neodermis does not bleed easily, but may "blush"after debridement.
    Thrombin soaked non-adherent pad may be used.


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