Silicone Removal
  Inspect and Prepare Neodermis
  Harvesting the Thin Epidermal Graft
  Attaching the Thin Graft

Epidermal Graft Post-Op Care
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Epidermal Graft Post-Op Care

  • Dress the donor site per surgical unit protocol
  • Dress and care for epidermal graft sites using the protocols typically used for thick split-thickness skin grafts
  • Similar to dressing INTEGRA Template sites, build dressings in layers and immobilize joints in
    a flexed position
  • Change dressings every third day, unless positive cultures require daily changes
  • If the epidermal graft seems to "disappear", obtain cultures. In some cases, this is typically the result of the graft being too thin or the presence of infection.

        - If negative, continue to dress normally. Engraftment and confluence should occur within 21

        - If positive, administer antibiotics and continue to monitor closely

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