Intra-Operative guidelines
    Estimating the Number and Size of Sheets
    Product Preparation
    Placement, Shaping and Cutting
    Stapling and Suturing
  Post-Op Care

Meshing and Handling
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  • When meshing INTEGRA, use 4 x 10
     inch sheets to avoid folding
  • Sheets can be meshed after rinsing
  • Run sheets through a "non
    crushing" mesher
  • Handle sheets with gloved hands,
    do not use instruments
  • Mesh sheets 1:1, but do not expand. DO NOT
    re-mesh the pre-meshed product.

Non-Crushing Mesher

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This video demonstrates the technique of meshing INTEGRA.


  • Minimizes fluid accumulation under the graft
  • Minimizes amount of graft loss in the event of hematoma
  • Minimizes the risk of graft loss in the event of bacterial colonization
  • May allow topical antimicrobials to penetrate the wound site
  • May improve the ability to conform over irregular surfaces

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