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Stapling and Suturing
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This video demonstrates the application of stapling and suturing INTEGRA in place.


  • Stapling or suturing may be used
  • Remove all air bubbles
  • Fix sheets independently and/or staple adjacent sheets together to minimize gaps, reducing granulation tissue formation
  • Interrupted stapling (i.e., leaving a 1-2 centimeter space between staples) can be used to
    seal edges
  • Plan staple lines carefully, follow Langer's Lines

These are two basic application techniques:

       (1) Place sheets on excised wound bed, staple parallel to inside edge of wound bed and trim
        excess; or

       (2) Place sheet on excised wound bed, trim sheet to fit site,  and staple perpendicular to seam
       (this allows staples to  be placed across seams)

Note: For Patients who are prone to keloid formation, it is recommended to place staples parallel to seams approximating healthy tissue.

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