Product Description and Benefits
  Indications for Use
  Product Makeup/Histology
Clinical Sequence
    Electrical/Flame Burn
    Burns to Lower Extremities
    Burns to Upper and Lower Extremities
    Fascial Burn
  Case Studies - Reconstructive Surgery

Case Studies - Section Summary
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In this section, you have learned:

  • INTEGRA Template can be used in a variety of burn applications
  • In the first surgical procedure the wound is excised to viable tissue and INTEGRA Template is applied. Over the next 2-3 weeks, typically 14-28 days, the dermal layer is regenerated while simultaneously degrading the collagen-GAG matrix. The biodegradable template induces organized regeneration of normal dermal tissue ("Neodermis") by the body. In the second surgical procedure following dermal regeneration, the silicone layer is removed and a thin epidermal autograft 0.004-0.006 inches (0.1016 - 0.1524 millimeters) is applied. As shown, engraftment and confluence of the epidermal graft complete the process in about 30 days from the first procedure.

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