Wound Bed Preparation
    Application Guidelines
    Estimating the Number and Size of Sheets
    Placement, Shaping and Cutting
    Stapling and Suturing / Negative
Pressure Therapy
  Post-Op Care

Product Preparation
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Step 1

Fill a basin with 1 liter of sterile saline. Using aseptic technique, peel open the outer pouch and gently drop
the inner foil pouch onto a sterile field or surface.

Product Preparation - Step 1

Step 2

Using sterile technique, place foil pouch flat and peel open the inner pouch. Remove product, including the protective polyethylene sheets.

Step 3

While holding the product with the tab, remove one polyethylene cover sheet.

Step 4

Turn the product and remove the second polyethylene
cover sheet.

Step 5

Using the tab, the product can now be placed into a basin containing the sterile saline solution. Carefully remove the tab from the product while rinsing for 1–2 minutes.

Keep product in the basin until application.

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