Wound Bed Preparation
    Application Guidelines
    Estimating the Number and Size of Sheets
    Product Preparation
    Stapling and Suturing / Negative
Pressure Therapy
  Post-Op Care

Placement, Shaping and Cutting
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  • Gently remove INTEGRA™ Meshed Bilayer Wound Matrix sheets from the holding basin
    with gloved hands and place directly onto the wound
  • Cut the device to size and apply immediately following wound bed preparation

    Note: It is critical that the collagen layer be in direct contact with the
    prepared wound. The silicone layer, identified by the black threads,
    must be placed out (away from the wound bed). Do not apply upside
    down; the black threads must be clearly visible.

  • INTEGRA™ Meshed Bilayer Wound Matrix must conform to and be in contact with the prepared wound bed
  • Do not try to move or "float" sheets like a split thickness skin graft. Instead, lift sheets up and reposition
  • There are two basic application techniques:

        (1) Place sheets on prepared wound bed. Affix sheets parallel to inside edges by sutures,
        staples, or other suitable alternative. Trim excess; or

        (2) Place sheet on prepared wound bed. Trim sheet to fit site. Affix sheets perpendicular to
        seam by sutures, staples, or other suitable alternative.

    Note: For Patients that are prone to keloid formation, it is recommended to place staples parallel to seams approximating healthy tissue.

  • Cut sheets to avoid gaps
  • Place seam lines along Langer's Lines to reduce risk of contracture
  • INTEGRA™ Meshed Bilayer Wound Matrix can overlap healthy tissue by 1 to 2 mm
  • In a staged procedure, do not place INTEGRA™ Meshed Bilayer Wound Matrix in contact with non-viable tissue, rather maintain a safety margin between the prepared wound bed and any non-viable tissue
  • Make sure INTEGRA™ Meshed Bilayer Wound Matrix lies flat with no wrinkles or bubbles
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