Wound Bed Preparation
    Inspection and care of the site
Movement/outpatient care
    Fluid accumulation
    Premature Silicone Separation

Scaffold Remodeling
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POD1 - POD14

Beginning post-operative day 1 (POD 1), and extending to POD 14 to 28 or longer, the appearance of the INTEGRA™ Meshed Bilayer Wound Matrix will vary. The rate and progression of the color change depends on the patient and rate of healing.

Generally, the color will change through a progression from red to pink to orange/peach to vanilla.

The site must be inspected for darkened areas or white/gray areas which may result from complications (see Complications and Interventions for more info on how to recognize and treat).

he silicone layer of the INTEGRA™ Meshed Bilayer Wound Matrix is typically ready for removal around POD 21 but may take longer. Signs include:

  • Site blanches to the touch and returns to an orange/peachy or vanilla color upon release of light finger pressure
  • Silicone of INTEGRA™ Meshed Bilayer Wound Matrix wrinkles and may begin to detach from the site. Granulation tissue (deep red color and granular surface that bleeds easily) has formed at seam lines.
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