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  Attaching the Thin Graft
  Epidermal Graft Post-Op Care

Harvesting the Thin Epidermal Graft
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This video demonstrates the technique of harvesting a thin epidermal graft.


  • Prepare donor site by infusion with saline to facilitate harvesting
  • Harvest a thin epidermal graft 0.004-0.006 inches (0.1016 - 0.1524 millimeters)
  • Grafts thinner than 0.004 inches may result in incomplete "take" as few live epidermal cells are transferred. Grafts thicker than 0.008 inches are more likely to leave a residual meshed appearance. Grafts may be meshed and expanded up to 5:1.
  • Certain locations, such as the bottom of the foot or hand, are exposed to increased levels of pressure and general wear; therefore, they have an increased risk of injury and breakdown. Due to this, an epidermal graft greater than 0.008 inches may be needed.
  • Ensure adequate coverage with large gaps


  • Less severe donor site which heals faster and can be harvested more frequently than full or split-thickness autografts
  • Minimal scarring of donor site compared to full or split-thickness autografts

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