Inspect and Prepare Neodermis
  Harvesting the Thin Epidermal Graft
  Attaching the Thin Graft
  Epidermal Graft Post-Op Care

Silicone Removal
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This video demonstrates silicone removal prior to epidermal grafting.

Planning / Silicone Removal

1. Estimate the size of the epidermal graft

2. Determine if expanded graft will cover INTEGRA Template. If not, then staged or delayed epidermal     grafting is necessary


  • Do not remove silicone and expose more neodermis than expanded epidermal graft will cover
  • If staged grafting is necessary, the silicone layer may be left in place for extended periods or until donor sites are ready for re-harvesting

Silicone Removal

  • Remove staples or sutures
  • With forceps peel back the silicone carefully from the edges. Separate with spatula or blunt instrument if necessary.
  • Difficult removal may indicate incomplete Neodermis formation
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