Estimating the Number and Size of Sheets
    Product Preparation
    Meshing and Handling
    Placement, Shaping and Cutting
    Stapling and Suturing
  Post-Op Care

Intra-Operative Guidelines
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  • Plan for complete excision within 1-3 days post burn
  • Best results are obtained by prompt excision and grafting
  • Timing of product preparation

     - Anticipate when the product will be needed and begin
         rinsing sheets no later than 15-20 minutes before excision
         has been completed

      - Add 10 minutes preparation time if meshing as well as 10
        additional minutes for a very large area burn
  • Remove all tissue and debris from the sterile field before application begins
  • Re-drape area and re-gown as needed. Change gloves before handling INTEGRA Template

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