Pre Operative Guidelines
    Uniform and Flat Wound Bed
    Adequate Vascular Supply
    Meticulous Hemostasis
    Infection Free Wound Bed
  Post-Op Care

Complete Excision of Non-Viable Tissue
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Complete Excision of Non-Viable Tissue

  • Assess the depth of injury
  • Remove all burn eschar, necrotic, devitalized and contaminated tissue
  • INTEGRA Template will not "take" to non-viable tissue
  • Leaving non-viable tissue may create an environment for bacterial growth
  • INTEGRA Template is less forgiving than autograft with respect to the
    consequences of non-viable tissue in the graft bed
  • Method of excision should be either Tangential or Fascial

Sequential Tangential Excision

Choice of instrumentation depends on surgeon preference and anatomical site.

Fascial Excision

For deep injuries fascial excision may be required. Based on surgeon preference, electrocautery, ultracision or scalpel excision may be appropriate. Broad area cauterization should be avoided.


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