Pre Operative Guidelines
    Complete Excision of Non-Viable Tissue
    Uniform and Flat Wound Bed
    Adequate Vascular Supply
    Meticulous Hemostasis
  Post-Op Care

Infection Free Wound Bed
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 Infection Free Wound Bed

Graft Bed Requirements

  • Remove all non-viable tissue from wound bed - eschar, necrotic, devitalized and contaminated tissue
  • If wound infection is detected, treat topically and/or systemically according to burn unit protocols
  • It is preferable to have a "safety" between the INTEGRA Template and the remaining burn eschar. The "safety zone" should be 2-4 centimeters wide and the excised zone is then covered with one of the following: allograft, xenograft, TransCyte*, Biobrane**, Acticoat*, 5% sulfamylon soaked gauze, 0.5% silver nitrate soaked gauze. The safety zone is left in place until the patient is brought back and the remaining eschar is excised.

*TransCyte and Acticoat are trademarks of Smith & Nephew.
**Biobrane is a registered trademark of Bertek Pharmaceuticals Inc.

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