Product Description and Benefits
  Indications for Use
  Product Makeup/Histology
Clinical Sequence
  Case Studies - Burn surgery
    Release of a Contracted Axilla
    Scar revision - Lower Chin
    Hypertrophic Scarring
Contracture Release
    Contracture Release
Breast Reconstruction

Reconstruction - Case Study 1
Resurfacing Keloid on Chin
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Keloid on Chin with contraction of the left side

Keloid on Chin

INTEGRA in place. Underlying Neodermis forming well.

INTEGRA in place

14 days post-op. Silicone separating. Neodermis fully formed.

14 days post-op. Silicone separating

21 days post-op. Silicone removed. Neodermis lightly debrided.

21 days post-op. Silicone removed

Thin epidermal autograft .006 in. applied

Thin epidermal autograft .006in

Scar revision with full mobility of the jaw

Scar revision with full mobility of the jaw


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