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Maintaining Meticulous Hemostasis
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  Post-Op Care

Pre-Operative Guidelines
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  • Pre-Operative routines should follow normal surgical protocols. This may include the use of systematic broad spectrum targeted antibiotics.
  • Pre-Operative control of contamination may include the use of topical agents such as silver impregnated dressings
  • Preparation of the site to be excised should follow normal surgical protocols; this may include the use of povidone iodine or chlorhexidine gluconate

Operating Room Supplies

In addition to standard OR supplies, the following supplies should be available in the OR:

  • Extra back table to hold 3 rinse basins, and least 6 liters of sterile saline solution for rinsing alcohol from the INTEGRA Template (an additional 4 liters will be needed for each additional 1-2 sheets)
  • Extra electrocautery instrumentation (e.g., bovie, double plug, bipolar) for pinpoint coagulation, sterile elastic net dressings (i.e., Stretchnet)
  • Antimicrobial agents/dressings (e.g., Acticoat* silver impregnated dressing, Sulfamylon Solution 5%, silver nitrate solution 0.5%)
  • Compression dressings/wraps
  • "Non-crushing" Mesher (if planning to mesh INTEGRA Template 1:1)
  • Splints and braces

*Acticoat is a trademark of Smith & Nephew.

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