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Product Preparation
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Step 1.
Fill each of the 3 basins with 2 liters of sterile saline. The first two basins are rinse basins; the third is optional and can be used as a holding basin. The circulating nurse opens the outer Tyvek pouch.
Product Preparation - Step 1

Step 2.
Scrub nurse removes the inner foil pouch using aseptic technique. Open the foil pouch using sterile scissors by cutting along the top. Make sure the contents have settled to the bottom to avoid cutting the product.
Product Preparation - Step 2

Step 3.
Gently remove the INTEGRA Template from the foil pouch with gloved hands (do not use instruments), pour off the excess isopropyl alcohol, and place silicone side up in the first rinse basin.
Product Preparation - Step  3

Step 4.
Rinse each sheet for a minimum of 5-10 minutes in each of the first two basins.
Product Preparation - Step 4

Step 5.
Change saline after every 1-2 sheets, or as needed. The detectable odor of alcohol should subside when finished rinsing.
Product Preparation - Step  5


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