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Hematoma POD 0-3
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Hematoma POD 0-3

Hematoma is defined as a localized mass of accumulated blood under the silicone that may lead to non-take and/or infection. The formation of small hematomas is one of the more common complications encountered.

Hematomas usually develop in the first 48 hours. Hematomas need to be removed and any bleeding/drainage must be stopped to allow cellular ingrowth into the matrix.


  • If hematoma is still in fluid state: evacuate hematoma by inserting an 18-20 gauge hollow point needle with syringe under surface of INTEGRA Template and aspirate fluid
  • If hematoma is no longer in fluid state: incise INTEGRA Template with a #15 blade, then evacuate clot using a gentle rolling motion with a sponge or tongue blade
  • Control drainage/bleeding by irrigating with diluted epinepherine and reattaching INTEGRA Template
  • For a large, persistent hematoma: control drainage/bleeding and achieve hemostasis by irrigating with epinepherine, electrocautery or suturing and reattaching INTEGRA Template


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