Neodermis formation
    Inspection and care of the Neodermis
Movement/outpatient care
    Fluid accumulation

Premature Silicone Separation POD 1-21
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Premature Silicone Separation POD 1-21

The silicone layer can be left in place for extended periods without detrimental affects to the underlying Neodermis. Premature separation of the silicone is not a problem if it stays in contact with the Neodermis.

Early Silicone Separation POD 1-9

  • Inspect wound for signs of shearing, fluid collection, hematoma, or infection. Detect loose areas
    of INTEGRA Template by using your finger to slide loose silicone.
  • Remove the source of the separation and re-attach
  • If the INTEGRA Template is engrafted with evidence of Neodermis, then cover exposed Neodermis with allograft, xenograft, or epidermal autograft to prevent desiccation

Late Silicone Separation POD 10 or higher

  • Remove source of non-adherence. Remove silicone if unable to re-secure.
  • If INTEGRA Template is not engrafted and there is no evidence of Neodermis, remove and replace with new INTEGRA Template and/or other graft material
  • If INTEGRA Template is engrafted, then cover with allograft, xenograft or epidermal autograft to preserve the Neodermis
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