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INTEGRA in Reconstructive Surgery
Epidermal Grafting

Neodermis Formation
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The color of the developing Neodermis will generally range from red to pink to orange/peach to vanilla. The photos shown here represent Neodermis formation at different time points. Although generalizations about appearance and texture may be made, it is important that you become experienced in recognizing the progression of maturing Neodermis. Recognizing healthy Neodermis will improve your clinical judgment about when to intervene in those instances when complications may arise.

Day 0
The INTEGRA Template has just been placed on the excised wound bed. At this stage the matrix tends to be reddish in color due to blood staining.
Neodermis Formation - Day 0

Day 7
The Neodermis formation is well underway. Cellular infiltration has altered the matrix color from red to a pinkish color.
Neodermis Formation - Day 7

Day 14
Good vascularization is occurring and the color is taking on an orange/peach appearance

Neodermis Formation - Day 14

Day 21
Silicone has been removed. The Neodermis has matured and is ready for epidermal autografting. It may appear vanilla in color.
Neodermis Formation - Day 21


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