Neodermis formation
  Signs of mature Neodermis
    Dressing regimen
    Bolstering and splinting
    Frequency of dressing changes
    Positioning the patient
    Moving and turning the patient
    Anti-shear techniques
    Large Hematoma
    Small, late forming Hematoma
    Fluid accumulation
    Infection at staple
    Areas of non-take

Physical Therapy
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 Physical Therapy

The benefits of physical therapy on the recovery of the burn patient are well-known. Your PT/OT
should develop a physical therapy plan in consultation with the rest of the burn care team.

  • Gentle range of motion (ROM) exercises can begin between post-operative days (POD) 5-7
  • If complications have delayed healing or the INTEGRA Template is not firmly adhered to the wound bed, delay ROM accordingly. The decision to remove bulky dressings, bolsters or splints to perform ROM exercises must be made on a case-by-case basis under consultation with PT/OT. Care must be taken to minimize the risk of shearing.

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