Neodermis formation
    Signs of mature Neodermis
    Dressing regimen
    Bolstering and splinting
    Frequency of dressing changes
    Positioning the patient
    Moving and turning the patient
    Anti-shear techniques
    Physical Therapy
    Large Hematoma
    Fluid accumulation
    Infection at staple
    Areas of non-take

Complications - Small, Late Forming Hematoma
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Most hematomas form within the first 24-48 hours. These can be treated by removing staples, lifting the matrix, evacuating the hematoma and addressing the cause of bleeding. This technique is also referred to
as "windowing." Late-forming hematomas are less common and typically form after 48 hours. These hematomas are incorporated into the surrounding Neodermis and/or matrix.

Consequently, they must be treated by removing the silicone over the affected area, excising the hematoma and either applying a new piece of INTEGRA Template or treating the area as an open wound until grafting.

Small, Late Forming Hematoma

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