Neodermis formation
  Signs of mature Neodermis
    Dressing regimen
    Bolstering and splinting
    Frequency of dressing changes
    Positioning the patient
    Moving and turning the patient
    Anti-shear techniques
    Physical Therapy
    Large Hematoma
    Small, late forming Hematoma
    Fluid accumulation
    Infection at staple

Complications - Areas of Non-Take
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Areas of Non-Take

Areas of incomplete INTEGRA Template take can result from mechanical dislodgement (due to shear, improper splinting, PT), infection, hematoma, granulation tissue formation, premature silicone separation or damaged matrix. Identification of poor INTEGRA Template take is characterized by poor color and
lack of adherence. The matrix will move laterally under finger pressure.


  • Small areas (under 2 sq cm) should be monitored for infection but not removed until time of epidermal grafting
  • Large areas (over 2 sq cm) should be removed and treated by either:

    1. Re-application of new INTEGRA Template, or

    2. Application of a split-thickness skin graft


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