Neodermis formation
    Signs of mature Neodermis
    Dressing regimen
    Bolstering and splinting
    Frequency of dressing changes
    Positioning the patient
    Anti-shear techniques
    Physical Therapy
    Large Hematoma
    Small, late forming Hematoma
    Fluid accumulation
    Infection at staple
    Areas of non-take

Moving and Turning the Patient
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Log Roll with Flat Palm Technique

Turning Patient (Log Roll with Flat Palm Technique)

Using flat palms, gently place your hands on the patient. Using sufficient manpower, roll the patient to the side. Position as needed and using flat palms, gently roll the patient back into a resting position. By using flat palms you reduce the risk of mistakenly grabbing hold of an INTEGRA Template site. Roll the patient with your flat palms, distributing contact across the flat surface of your hands.

Straight Board Technique

Moving the Patient (Straight Board Technique)

The straight board technique is useful in moving a patient from one bed to another, or re-positioning the patient on a bed. The use of straight boards can be helpful when you are short on assistance and need to move a patient.

  • It is important to remember to move the board and not the patient. Never drag the board from under the patient, as this will tend to cause shearing and dislodgement.
  • It is important to plan your strategy for moving difficult or heavy patients. It may be impossible to avoid shearing if, after beginning to move a patient, you realize that a technique requires more manpower, or isn't an appropriate technique to use in that situation.


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